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"You shall call on your gods, and I will call on the LORD. The God who answers with fire is God."  1 Kings 18:24
The metallic cartridge casings sold on this site are not loaded ammunition, nor are they manufactured by Badass Brass. We do not manufacture ammunition or components for sale in person, or on this site. We sell recycle once fired brass casings, also known as reloading brass, and sell other reloading accessories.


Sell your brass!

Badass Brass purchases once fired brass shells from individuals, ranges, and government facilities. Interested in selling or exchanging your brass? Fill out our form to start the process. Include as much information as possible for a best price estimate.

We pay top dollar for most brass in decent condition. Current prices we pay range from $0.35/lb for scrap unusable brass to $1.85/lb. We cover the shipping fees, and offer bulk pickup services for ranges operating in out region. 

Please note that prices can change daily, and we will always give our customers the best price possible!